I’m too lazy to come up with a good title so I’ll just call this: People Yelling at Each Other on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

On the most recent episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (aired 12/17), there’s a boatload of drama.  Kyle’s hubby, Mauricio, has a party to celebrate the success of his business, and OF COURSE, a huge, borderline violent argument breaks out between Brandi and Adrienne/Paul.

Adrienne and Paul are pissed off because Brandi revealed that they used a surrogate (at least, this is the buzz; the show never actually aired what Brandi said about Ms. Maloof).  Paul takes the lead in the attack, calling Brandi a bitch and waving his finger in her face.  (His rage made me recall Adrienne’s recent allegations of abuse; maybe he has a temper at home, too?).  Anyway, Adrienne and Paul are kind of wacked out of their minds, but so is Brandi.  It’s like wackadoos upon wackadoos upon wackadoos.


The next day, Brandi visits Lisa and reveals that her anxiety over the Adrienne/Paul drama has caused her to pick her face.  (Hello, meth?).  She also makes an opaque, mysterious threat about what Adrienne and Paul can look forward to: “It can get worse.  Trust me.”  Will Brandi reveal that Adrienne also used a surrogate to birth her dog, Jackpot?  SCANDAL!

Later in the episode, Kyle has a dinner party, and Faye Resnick bitches Brandi out, because…Faye wants to be on camera? The OJ thing isn’t working for her anymore?

Until next time!


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