Real Housewives of Atlanta: Misbehaving Hubbies, Well-Loved Genitalia, and Wine-Fueled Arguments!

On the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta (aired 12/16), the ladies live it up in Anguilla.  They’re swimming, hot tubbing, talking about sex, getting their nails done, dancing, flirting, drinking, eating.  In other words, they’re on vacation, and they actually seem to be having a good time.

And then….drum roll…Kenya Moore opens her mouth.  Or, maybe I should say, Kenya Moore opens her mouth and her legs.

Ms. Moore clearly has her eye on Phaedra’s husband, and not on her own “boyfriend” Walter (who, as media reports have it, was never actually her boyfriend, and only an actor).  She’s flirting with him, eyeing him, pushing him in the pool.  The worst part (and the part that Phaedra, like so many women in this situation, never properly acknowledges): Mr. Apollo flirts right back, and even ups the ante, by grabbing Miss America (I mean, USA) and carrying her around and dumping her in the pool.  Kenya’s behavior?  inappropriate.  Apollo’s behavior?  Infuriating!  He makes his wife look like a total asshole.  We are all grown adults, and should be able to handle a man or woman flirting with our partner (it’s bound to happen); but when your partner flirts back, right in front of you?  Unacceptable.  I’d have taken twelve shots of tequila, dumped soap in Apollo’s suitcase, and gone out dancing for three days straight.  But, I’m a little immature…

So, Phaedra has a right to be angry, but she should really be angriest at Apollo.  Clearly she doesn’t even desire to scold him.

Phaedra does, however, desire to talk about her vagina.  She repeatedly mentions her love of her own genitalia.  Cool?  Maybe…this is a feminist thing?  If so, I’m all for it.

My vagina is really enjoying this tortilla chip.

My vagina is really enjoying this tortilla chip.

NeNe talks about what a great judge of character she is.  Really?  What about when you were best friends with the human nightmare that is Kim Zolciak?  Literally, one of the most vapid, least interesting women I have ever seen on a reality TV screen (and that’s saying a lot)?  And, how about when you married Greg?  Didn’t he cheat on you?  Steal money?  Lie?

The good old days.

The good old days.

If somebody says they are a good judge of character, they are probably not a good judge of character.  It’s kind of like starting a sentence with, “I”m not prejudiced BUT….”  We all know where that’s going!

The craziest drama of the evening involved Kenya and Porsha.  Bile is rising in my throat as  I say this…can’t keep the vomit down…room spinning…holding onto chair…oh…god…


There.  I said it. Whew! Wasn’t as bad as I thought.  Let me explain:

Porsha IS privileged.  She was born into a prestigious, wealthy family.  She has never struggled a day in her life.  Therefore, she cannot–in my opinion–make fun of Kenya for being “hood” and “low-class” and “from Detroit.”  Now, if Porsha came from even an upper middle class background, she MIGHT get by with it; but when you’re hella rich, privileged, with a silver spoon in your mouth from birth, you SHOULD not make fun of people for coming from low-income backgrounds or areas.

We are going to kill each other in 1.5 seconds.

We are going to kill each other in 1.5 seconds.

I’ll compare it to Real Housewives of New York’s Aviva: Aviva comes from a rich family, married a rich husband, and therefore DOES NOT have the authority (or even experience) to use a label like “white trash” to describe people she sees as lower than her.  She looks like a rich, privileged snob when she uses these words, and also a bigot.  (Read my post about Aviva’s bigotry, here:

Same goes for Porsha.  If she is so interested in maintaining her family’s rep and treating her family with respect (as she claims), she should maintain her dignity and not get caught up in the drama.

The fans revolted and turned on Aviva when she used “white trash”; they should also turn on Porsha.

I know, I know, Kenya Moore is a nut job, and very disrespectful; BUT, in this PARTICULAR instance, Porsha hit well below the belt, and came off as crazy/classless as Kenya.

And, maybe I just have a different way of looking at the world, but I have respect for Kenya simply because she DID come from a difficult background; I love a fighter.  Porsha does seem to ride on her family’s coattails.

Sorry to get all serious and stuff.

Other important moments:

Cynthia and Peter renew their vows.  All the women release a “wish lantern” into the sky.  Kenya’s falls to the ground.

Kenya announces she’s “gone with the wind” and actually starts sashaying around in her dress, spinning, etc.  Why do you have to make it so hard for me to defend you, Kenya?

Until next time!


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