Project Runway All Stars, Season 2: Fair (yawn) Judging!

Project Runway All Stars (season 2) has been fairly predictable thus far.  The remaining designers (as of the December 13 episode) are also the strongest designers.  There haven’t been any upsets.  Usually, a designer who excels and creates winning looks, will have a single bad week and get sent packing, thus changing up the game and creating tension and drama for the viewing audience.

Wendy is going home?  No surprise!

Kayne is gone?  He can go back to making pageant dresses.

Peach doesn’t make the cut?  All she can sew are tennis outfits!

Suede is history?  He glued paper to the skirt of his dress.

So, the good stuff has risen to the top, as it should; why do I feel so deflated?

Maybe because, I’m used to shows like PR, Top Chef, and America’s Next Top Model, that manipulate the audience and create strong viewership by sending home exactly those contestants viewers love and support.  What better way to drum up conversation about a show than to knock off a contestant the audience is rooting for?

So, anyway, in a round-about way, I’m trying to say that the judges are doing the right thing: they’re only sending designers home who deserve to go home.  Again, though, this leave me a bit bored.  But, I’m easily bored (see my past posts on boredom with TV shows:

Here’s a brief overview of what happened on the 12/13 episode of PR All Stars:

The designers have to make dresses out of Christmas decorations.  You heard right!  Christmas decorations!

Uli, Anthony, and Laura, all create similar garments: silver and gold, metal-y looking, party dresses.  Uli and Anthony are successful and create truly gorgeous pieces.  I think Anthony’s is a touch more beautiful than Uli’s and less heavy looking.  I also like how, from far away, the “fabric” of Anthony’s dress almost looks feathered.  A very pretty, unusual effect.

Laura’s dress is not as successful, and literally adds thirty pounds to her model, and not in a sexy/curvy way; in a “I gain all my weight on my midsection” way.

Josh creates a cool bra top out of ornaments, but a hideous high-wasted short that literally reveals his models’ vagina to the judges (kinda surprised she didn’t wear underwear?).

Ivy’s dress is yellow, kinda cute, a bit dull.

Emilo seems to be sinking: his purply, shiny, metallic creation is okay, but his clothes USED TO BE great.

Casanova’s dress is truly hideous, a mess of satin and ropes and panels.

Uli’s dress (the winning design):


Casanova’s dress (the losing design):



Is Anthony Ryan joking when he proclaims Kylie Minogue the best/most famous Project Runway judge of all time?  Hello?  Christina Aguilera?  Betsey Johnson?  Natalie Portman?  Sarah Jessica Parker?  Victoria Beckham?  I like Kylie Minogue, too, but, he was clearly overstating in order to show enthusiasm!

Until next week!


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