Smiling Dentist (Karent Sierra) Vs. Mob of Angry Women (Marysol, Ana, Alexia, Adriana)

So, since I’ve been “away” (maybe I was on vacation, maybe I was busy with work, maybe I was in jail; you decide), a lot has happened on Real Housewives of Miami.  As I’m sure many of you recall, I found the show boring, staged, and un-entertaining, at the beginning of the season (read my blog about it, here:  Well, I STILL think it’s staged and many of the “conversations” and “interactions” feel rehearsed, but it is no longer boring or un-entertaining.  In fact, thanks to Karent Sierra, it’s downright interesting to watch!

Kissing my dignity goodbye.

Kissing her dignity goodbye.

So, early on in the season, the majority of the Housewives “decided” to despise Karent Sierra.  There was really no good reason to hate her; she IS phony sometimes, but her intentions seem mostly genuine.  Still, Marysol, Ana, Alexia, and Adriana, had it out for her from the get go.  They wanted to poke holes in her relationship, make fun of her smile (which IS a little joker-ish, but, has Marysol looked in the mirror lately?  She could be a stunt double for the joker!), and bully her whenever possible.

The most recent episode of RHOM (aired 12/13), centered on the housewives’ trip to Bimini.  The ladies are getting along fine, and nobody has threatened Karent with bodily harm (surprise, surprise!), when suddenly Alexia busts out with a news article that indicates Karent’s boyfriend Rudolfo, an actor, is cheating on her.  Alexia, Ana, Marysol, and Adriana, all look at the article, and gleefully decide that Karent needs to know the “truth”!  And, not only does she need to know the “truth,” she needs to find out in front of all the women!  Take her aside, and tell her in private?  Of course not!  That wouldn’t make for good TV, baby!

Just to show how truly good-natured and kind they are, the women “tell” Karent’s friend Lisa about the article before sharing it with Karent.  For some reason, they tell Lisa in private, but Karent in public.  Lisa doesn’t do a great job of defending or helping Karent (after all, if that were your friend, wouldn’t you tell Alexia to shove the article up her ass? I would.).  But, Lisa is a wimp, if she’s anything, and she plays right along with the Mob of Angry Women, as they pounce upon the Smiling Dentist.

Karent reacts as you’d expect; she says she doesn’t believe the women.  The women all look deflated, depressed.  They wanted to see her BLEED, goddamnit, and she didn’t even shed a tear!

Later, Leah yells at Karent for being in denial, and Karent finally gets angry, but directs her anger at Leah, which seems misguided, since Leah is (kinda) on her side.

Karent’s father falls ill, and there’s a moment of true drama, in which poor Karent cries and talks about her love for her parents.  Hopefully her father is okay.

Other special moments:

Lisa and Joanna have a pillow fight, that resembles the opening scene to a porno I’ll call, “Botox Babes Ready and Willing.”  The hotel staff hear them screeching and shouting and bed-creaking, and roll their eyes like, “Oh, those Miami bitches are always fucking each other!”

Lisa wails,”IT’S NOT FAIR!” because she can’t have babies.  You know what’s not fair?  Children starving in Africa.  Mothers dying of AIDS.  The recent shooting in CT.  THOSE things are not fair.  Your fertility problems?  Emotionally difficult, sure.  But, take a step back, look into adoption, and appreciate how fortunate you are.  Spoiled brat!

Marysol and Leah duke it out, hug each other, and Lisa starts crying.  Because she’s so touched by their reconciliation?  Weird.

Ana eats some kind of animal penis that acts as an aphrodisiac.  You go, girl!  Get it!

Washing down the penis I just ate.

Washing down the penis with wine.

Until next time!

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