Updates on all the shows I abandoned midseason!

Since I’m BACK, I thought I’d update readers on all the shows I stopped blogging about midseason (and by update, I mean, give my opinion):

Real Housewives of New York:

At the reunion, Aviva tried to take back every heinous, classist, insane thing she’s ever said. You know what? I wish that actually worked. I wish I could take back every office party I’ve ever gotten drunk at, with a wave of my wand. Only in dreams…

Andy: Raise your hand if you're drunk right now.

America’s Next Top Model:

Laura won. Laura won. Laura won. That’s really all I have to say. I don’t hate it, I don’t love it. She’s just…blah.


Project Runway:

I was always a fan of Dmitry Sholokhov, BUT, I don’t think he should have won the entire Project Runway competition. Why, you ask? Because his designs, while beautiful, were very well-made rehashes of 80s glamour pants, blouses, and dresses (Dallas, Knots Landing, super model photo shoots, etc). Glitter and sequins and strong shoulders. I guess I don’t GET it. The clothes were nice but not revolutionary, and the styling was a nightmare. Fabio Costa, on the other hand, made clothes I have never, ever seen before, oddly, eerily beautiful pants and blouses. What more can you ask out of fashion? We want mystery, surprise, dreaminess, invention, beauty, and Fabio brought it.

Fabio's creation.

Fabio’s creation.

Those are my major updates. I’ll be blogging soon, after watching Real Housewives of Miami on Thursday!


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