Project Runway: Flesh-Colored Bodysuits and Feathers=Avante-Garde?

On the most recent episode of Project Runway (aired 10/5), the designers were asked to create their first truly avant-garde look.

“Avant-garde” means new, different, innovative, surprising, artistic.  In other words, NOT commercial, NOT ready to wear.

The designers are under a great deal of pressure in this episode.  One, or maybe two of them, will be sent home and won’t be able to create a collection and/or show at Bryant Park.  How stressful! Melissa looks like she hasn’t eaten or slept in days!

After the designers sketch, buy fabric, and begin to create their garments, Tim Gunn comes around and is immediately underwhelmed.  Most of the looks just are not avant-garde, according to Tim (I don’t disagree with him).  Dmitry’s look, especially, is wearable.  I think back to other seasons and other avant-garde challenges, and past designers created MUCH more innovative fashions.  This gang cannot seem to step outside of the ready-to-wear box.

Despite the yawn-worthy designs, Heidi, Michael, and Nina are impressed with many  of the garments at judging, though they have a few critiques for Chris (the arm feathers are over-kill) and Sonjia (the flesh-colored bodysuit underneath the revealing dress makes Michael Kors think of “sexy old lady”).

In the end, Dmitry wins for his suit, which, as I already mentioned, is WAY TOO ready to wear.  Slap on some stockings and high heels, and you have a high-powered, fashion-forward business woman ready for a meeting!  How is that avant-garde?  Sonjia goes home for her emerald Jessica Rabbit dress, which was glamorous from a distance but definitely “old lady” up-close because of the bodysuit.

Dmitry’s look:

Sonjia’s look:

So, the remaining designers: Christopher, Fabio, Dmitry, and Melissa.  Team Melissa, here!

Until next time!


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