ANTM Recap: Ichabod Crane as Lara Croft and Pacifist Owls

On the most recent episode of America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 19, Episode 6, aired 9/28), we learn that:

1) Laura can’t stop thinking about Leila!

2) Victoria can’t move gracefully to save her life.

3) BrianBoy is mean.

4) Owls are not that exciting.


1) In response to Leila getting sent home, Laura says, “Now that Leila’s gone, I feel so confident.”  On the last episode (which I blogged about here:, Laura spent a large chuck of time obsessing about Leila being obsessed with her.  Is it just me, or is Laura totally, totally obsessed with Leila?  She’s STILL talking about her, even though she’s gone!  Weird…

2) The challenge for this episode involves the girls performing a sequence of movements (jumping, kicking, dancing) in order to bring a video game character to life.  Victoria lurches around the special effects set like Ichabod Crane or Mr. Burns as Lara Croft, Tomb Raider.  It is awkward and painful to watch.

3) BrianBoy, not a particularly interesting or amusing or likeable addition to Cycle 19, pisses off both Brittany AND Yvonne in this episode.  Brittany is mad because BrianBoy clearly preferred Leila to her in last week’s episode.  Yvonne is mad because BrianBoy DARES to question her behavior on set (she’s pouty and bratty because they want to change her outfit).  Analysis: BrianBoy is way too flippant and bitchy.  He doesn’t have the depth, humor, compassion, or intelligence to deal with the girls in an effective way.  I’m not saying he isn’t a good blogger, or anything like that; but on camera he comes across as vapid and joyless.  That said, Yvonne is super annoying, and I’m glad she went home this week (and I’m meh about Laura winning best photo).

Shedding a tear for Leila.

4) For the photo shoot, the girls put on “steam punk” outfits and carry a real owl on their arm.  The owl just sits there.  Just.  Sits.  There.  Nothing.  Happens.  Not that I wanted it to peck anybody’s eye’s out, or anything…ahem…Kristin…

Until next time!


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