Project Runway: Babies on Parade!

The most recent of episode of Project Runway (aired 9/27) was all about BABIES!

The designers have to create outfits for Heidi’s baby clothing line with Babys R Us (Truly Scrumptious), as well as “mommy” outfits so both child and mommy can look FABULOUS!

The baby’s garment is more important than the mommy’s garment when it comes to who’s in and who’s out, since the baby outfit will eventually be reproduced and sold as part of Heidi’s line.

All of this makes perfect sense (the challenge, baby and mommy both needing to look fabulous, the garment being reproduced by Heidi’s line).  What makes less sense are the baby dolls the designers are forced to carry around during the episode.

The baby dolls are the type that “mimic” a real baby in terms of sleep patterns, crying jags, etc.  The designers are given a multicultural array of baby dolls, and told they have to take care of them, because they must understand what it’s like to have a baby in order to design for a baby.

So, carrying a hard plastic doll that screams all the time will give them a better sense of how to dress a real, soft, squirming baby?


It is mildly amusing watching the designers struggle to work and “tend” to these squalling hunks of plastic.  Dmitry, especially, seems perturbed and worn out, while Fabio relishes the extra burden as he himself “really” want to be a father one day.  Cute!  Can I say, Fabio is so super nice and sweet?

The outfits for the babies turn out surprisingly well, with Christopher winning the challenge with a pretty, flower-covered little girl’s dress.  Not exactly innovative, but adorable!  (It’s funny, though, because the mommy of the winning baby HATED the flowery dress, but she just seemed kinda grouchy in general).

Elena goes home for a sloppy, disjointed baby outfit (“It looks like hand-me-downs!” Michael Kors remarks in horror).

Until next time!


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