Real Housewives of New Jersey Finale, Part 2: The Big Set-Up

On the second installment of the RHONJ finale (aired 9/23), a huge divide is created between Teresa and the rest of the housewives.  (Read my post about part 1, here:, as well as my pal’s hilarious post about the finale:

Angelo, the creeper from the salon who claimed Melissa danced for him at a strip club, shows up at the Posche fashion show.  Teresa, Kathy, Melissa, Caroline, Lauren, and Jaqueline, are all sitting at a table together at the show, when Angelo meanders over and asks Melissa,”Do you remember me?” and flashes his hideous smile.  Melissa acts funny (which kinda makes it seem like she did strip for him) and Teresa acts jumpy (which kinda makes it seem like she did set Melissa up).

Teresa takes Melissa aside and tells her what she heard from Angelo at the salon.  To be fair to Melissa, Teresa’s delivery isn’t the greatest (she seems to be askingMelissa if she was a stripper, rather than telling her that this guy Angelo is spreading rumors).  To be fair to Teresa, Melissa overreacts, and quickly jumps to the conclusion that Teresa’s in the wrong or is somehow involved in the set-up.  Melissa calls her husband on the phone and things spiral down from there.

I’m just asking if you were a stripper, Melissa. Don’t get offended!

As is always the case on RHONJ, tensions heighten quickly and in some ways illogically (I’m still not sure how Melissa and the gang determined that Teresa was definitely involved in the set-up).  Jaqueline receives some mysterious text messages indicating Teresa’s involvement in the set-up with Angelo, though we never learn who the texter is (which kinda makes it seem like Jaqueline fabricated the text messages).  The ladies exhibit a whole lot  of shady, weird, erratic behavior on this episode, which is always the case whenever a huge fight explodes on RHONJ (think back to the Danielle fiasco; the conflict felt oddly forced, and escalated dramatically, as if the women were playing out a scenario set up by the producers).

Joe Gorga comes down to the fashion show to confront Angelo, but he’s already gone.  Joe Gorga and Kim “Brace-face McGee” get into a screaming match, with Kim D asking Joe to go ahead and hit her.

Jaqueline and Teresa get into an argument after J tells Joe G that T was involved in the set-up.  As always, Jaqueline is the martyr, and acts like she’s been run over by a bus, even though SHE caused all the problems to begin with (isn’t this always the case on RHONJ?).

And then, I exploited my rocky relationship with my daughter and cried a lot, and then, I started a fight with Teresa and cried a lot, and then, I sold Teresa out and cried a lot, and then. . . .

The episode ends with updates on the housewives, and of course nobody is speaking to Teresa except Kathy (martyr #2).

Here’s to the reunion next week.  The reunions make all the wasted hours of watching RHONJ worth it!

Until then!

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