White trash as moral failure? No. AVIVA as moral failure!

On the 9/17 episode of Real Housewives of New York, Sonja, Ramona, and Aviva talk non-stop about the negative experiences they had in St Barts (Sonja and Ramona made Aviva and husband Reid feel “unwelcome,” so Aviva lashed out and called Samona (or, Ronja, depending on your predilection) “white trash”).  Aviva talks to Carole and Heather about the argument, and Sonja and Ramona talk to LuAnn and anybody else they can get their hands on about the argument, back and forth, back and forth, recounting the same events over and over. Aviva, especially, obsesses about it, repeating the phrase, “I made this journey to St. Barts…” before launching into a laundry list of all the ways she was wronged.  It’s like she’s recounting a war story or her experience in a concentration camp.

While Aviva’s bitching is redundant, Sonja makes a few good points while discussing the events that went down on vacation: “Maybe if she (Aviva) paid for her education, she’d used it!”  BAM!  This is an excellent insult, and it rings true; Aviva brags about her education, even though she doesn’t work.  Sonja also remarks about Aviva’s “journey”: “She didn’t split the atom!”  Also true.  You are not a hero for getting on a plane, Aviva!

So far, Aviva=0.  Sonja=1.

No, bitch. I’m RICH trash!

Eventually, Sonja and Aviva meet up to discuss the downward spiral that was St. Barts.  Sonja is friendly enough at first, but then Aviva launches into her “story” about what happened, albeit working a few compliments in for good measure (“You are the most compassionate of all the women, Sonja.”).  Sonja, who is generally sweet and well-mannered (except when bombed; when bombed she shows everybody her vagina), isn’t having any of it.  “You called me names.  You can’t take it back,” she says.  To which Aviva replies,”White trash is moral failure,” as if this somehow excuses her use of the slur.

White=moral failure?  Really?  You’re not helping your case, Lady A.

And so then, I made fun of a poor person…

What some might call moral failure, is a woman who is born rich lording her background and education over everybody she meets.  What some might call moral failure is a woman repeatedly referring to bad behavior as “low-class” and “white-trash,” as if where you were born, how you were raised, and how much money you make, has anything to do with your character.  What some might call moral failure is a privileged housewife throwing around racial insults and acting like it’s a legitimate or appropriate response.

I wipe kids’ asses for a living. And shop.

Now that my tirade is finished, I will provide a general recap of the episode (though I already highlighted the interesting parts above):

Carol, Heather, and Aviva meet for lunch, and Aviva bitches.  A lot.  Heather is losing patience with her.

LuAnn, Sonja, and Ramona meet for dinner, along with their men.  LuAnn is pretending Tomas never happened.  Sonja and Ramona bitch about Aviva.  A lot.  LuAnn sits on the fence, as usual.

Heather and LuAnn meet for lunch (good lord, that’s a lot of lady meetings!) and Heather seems perturbed that LuAnn is trying to pretend Tomas never happened.

Sonja and Carole hang out with a fashion designer who Carole once dated.

Aviva and Heather meet on their own for lunch (MORE LUNCH).  Heather scolds Aviva for making everything about her but Aviva doesn’t seem to understand.

Ramona and Sonja cuddle in bed and Sonja talks about her upcoming meeting with her ex (she wants him to think she’s pretty, which is sad, not because Sonja’s not pretty, but because she cares what a centenarian thinks about her).

Finally, Sonja and Aviva meet, and hell breaks loose (read first part of post).  Sonja leaves the restaurant and says they are not friends.

Until next time!

3 thoughts on “White trash as moral failure? No. AVIVA as moral failure!

  1. I know! Aviva has a really bizarre personality. I can’t tell if she’s playing it up for effect (so she can become the “neurotic” character and get lots of camera time) or if this is really her personality. If it’s really her, she’s incredibly unsympathetic!

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