Print Challenge=Hideous Fashions

Highlights from Project Runway (Season 10, Episode 9, aired 9/13):

1) Family/friend day and the print challenge coincide, and the results are not favorable.

2) Gunnar says if he wins PR, he’ll buy his mom a boob job.

3) Chris and Gunnar mend fences.

4) Tim Gunn calls Ven’s design an homage to a menstrual cycle.

5) Dmitry wins for an meh jacket/skirt combo and Gunnar goes home for a puffy, weird jacket with no shape.


1) The HP print challenge is introduced to the designers.  A short time later, moms, sisters, friends, and lovers pour into the design room.  We meet Elena’s pretty mama, Fabio’s adorable boyfriend, and Ven’s encouraging sister.    Although the designers have fun with their loved ones, they seem thrown off their game; they all struggle with this challenge, and many rely on universally unflattering color combinations like black and red.  WHY?  There were like four black and red designs going down the runway.

2) Gunnar f*cks himself and announces he’ll buy his mom a boob job if he wins.  If you plan how you’ll spend money, you’ll never get the money!  See #5.  (Hopefully, his mom TOLD HIM she wanted a boob job, rather than him just determining she NEEDED a boob job).

3)  Gunnar’s print is inspired by his “escape” from bullies (a bird escaping hands) and Chris identifies with his childhood/life experience.  They make up, and Chris decides they’re more alike than different.  Glad you finally faced the truth, bud.

4) According to Tim Gunn, designer Ven Budhu’s dress, detailed with pink and white flower patterns, appears to be covered in used maxi pads. EWWWW. C’mon, Tim! Ven changes the dress into something like a pair of conjoined twins: one dress on the bottom and one dress on top. I’d rather wear a cute dress that looks like a maxi pad than a hideous dress that doesn’t look like a maxi pad.  Just saying.

I’ve seen a number of used maxi pads in my lifetime!

5) The winning look (scratching my head…it’s not that cute!):

The losing look (yeah. pretty bad):

Side note: I was looking at PR Lifetime website and I discovered that ELENA is the FAN FAVORITE.




I thought if I typed it enough, I’d start to believe it.  Seriously, people, this isn’t right.  Go vote for somebody else and kick her out of her spot!  I’m all for keeping her on the show, but FAN FAVORITE?  HOW?  WHY?  WHAT DOES THIS SAY ABOUT HUMANITY!

Until next time!


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