What is White Trash? Oh. Me. Okay.

The past few installments of the Real Housewives of New York City (set in St. Barts for the “girls’ trip”) seem to revolve around a central question:

What is “white trash”?

On the 9/3 episode of RHONY (I blogged about it here: https://realhousewivesrealprofessor.wordpress.com/2012/09/04/luann-you-were-right-money-and-law-school-and-vassar-cant-buy-you-class/), uptight, anxiety-ridden, elitist, bitchtastic buzzkill Aviva called Sonja and Ramona (blond, rich, fifty-something drunkards with lots of time and even more money) “white trash.” This was a head scratching moment for the ladies; they claimed afterward to have no idea what “white trash” was (can a person really be so sheltered and wealthy that they have never even heard the term? Or does it just hit too close to home for Samona?).

On the most recent episode (aired 9/10) they discuss the “slur” further:

Ramona: What’s white trash?  Is it tacky?

Sonja: Well, we’re white.  We’re trashy.

Ramona: We’re not trashy!

(Looking up “white trash” on the internet)

Ramona: It’s poor white people.  I’ve never been poor!

Sonja: A hillbilly can make people feel welcome.  ‘Welcome to my trailer!’

And later:

Ramona: I’m going to the bathroom to have more diarrhea.

Sonja: That’s white trash.

So, now they know what it means?

Oh, great! OUR picture came up!

Jokes aside, Aviva is totally unlikable in every possible way, and I’m team Samona, big time.   Aviva wore THIS for a “relaxing” vacation in St. Barts:

Can those pants be any further up her ass?

It’d be kind of dull to actually recount why Aviva’s mean and why Caroline started crying and when Heather got mad and LuAnn with the blah blah…

I think it’s more interesting to just talk about Ramona and Sonja.  Tacky?  Maybe?  Drunk?  Yeah.  Girls Gone Wild?  Sure.

White trash?  You decide.

Still recovering from their argument with Aviva (they seemed truly hurt), Ramona and Sonja nurse their wounds by guzzling any and all alcohol they can find in St. Barts.  They skip out on Carol’s boyfriend’s concert in favor of going back to the room and running blow dryers and staring in the mirror and hugging each other and getting blasted.  When the other women come back from the concert, they find the two ladies falling over, and of course not wearing underwear.  They eat dinner, talk crap about each other, and then Carole has a GREAT idea: skinny-dipping! (Me thinks the cast of RHONY are contractually obligated to go skinny-dipping once per season.  The moment seems so abrupt and so forced, and the only person who’s into is Sonja, who is also unconscious).

They splash around the pool for a while (technically only Carole and Sonja get naked) and laugh and pretend to be having a marvelous time.  The episode closes with Sonja topless and bottomless, how we like her (Heather comments, “I saw Sonja’s nipples and vagina so much during this trip I thought I should start petting them”).

Water +booze+Samona+Aviva=somebody drowning under mysterious circumstances

I’ll end on a final gem from Sonja, who is proving to be the star of the season (and not, as Aviva says, an “Anna Nicole Smith” type.  Anna Nicole Smith would at least get PAID to have sex with all those guys, for God’s sake!):

“The only time I kiss the ground is when I’m with Tomas and he’s humping me in the back of the garden.”

Well played, Sonja Morgan!  Well played!  You’re totally…proving Aviva right.  And we love you for it!

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