“To kill the witch we need a silver bullet and a wooden stick.”

On the most recent episode of Project Runway (aired 9/6), it was all about the battle between Dmitry Sholokhov and Elena Slivnyak, or, “Natasha and Boris from Rocky and Bullwinkle,” according to Christopher.  The adversaries ended up on a team together for the team challenge, for which they were asked to create two looks, one including outerwear.

While both evil villains had great one-liners throughout the episode, Dmitry ultimately out-insulted Elena.  A sampling of his best jabs:

“Elena is a walking depression.”

“To kill a witch we need a silver bullet and a wooden stick” (when discussing how to get rid of Elena).

HILARIOUS, especially because Elena LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE A WITCH (and is truly a walking depression). Elena has frequently abused the other designers (especially Melissa), while Dmitry is gracious to everyone.  For these reasons I know he is only picking on Elena because she’s a mega…meanie face.

Dmitry’s winning streak continued when the judges ripped Elena a new one and declared her NOT “the Queen of Structure,” to which she tearfully replied, “I never said I was the Queen of Structure!”  Except she has.  On multiple episodes.  Her look (the pants are Alicia’s, who was sent home):

In my previous post of PR Season 10 (https://realhousewivesrealprofessor.wordpress.com/2012/08/31/ven-youre-a-dck/), I called Ven a dick.  The easy thing here would be to call Elena a bitch.  But I’m not going to!  Because, unlike Ven, Elena (and Dmitry of course) provides tons of entertainment.  Her cruelty is hilarious (she called a designer’s outfit “an ugly ass Snuggie”) and listening to Elena and Dmitry, or “Boris and Natasha”, bicker is VERY satisfying.  They are raven haired, eyelinered, svelte, heavily accented Eastern Europeans, and I could watch them sneer at each other for days.  Thanks, you two!

The winning look of the night, a jacket by Sonjia:


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