The Real World St. Thomas: One Giant Subway Advertisement/Drug PSA

On the 9/5 episode of Real World St. Thomas (sensitively titled “Should I Stay or Should I Blow” by MTV) we learned:

1) Trey (the sociopath frat guy) has a real hold on girls.  He flew out his back-home girlfriend Chelsea despite already having a girlfriend in the house (Laura).  Any woman with a shred of dignity would dump the douche, but no worries: neither Chelsea nor Laura has any self-esteem whatsoever.  Both ladies seem prepared to join Trey’s “harem.”  More power to em’!  We need a new cast for Sister Wives!

Laura popping King Trey’s back pimples:

2) Subway is very, very delicious, and young people enjoy looking at pictures of Subway sandwiches on their computers, talking about Subway sandwiches with their friends, doing a Subway sandwich dance (for real), and eventually eating Subway sandwiches as a communal activity.  Subway, apparently, is the apex of entertainment, at least on Real World St.  Thomas.  Product placement at its worst, like watching the movie Mac and Me (1988).

For all you youngsters out there: Mac and Me was an E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial ripoff about a space alien who befriended some kids.  The whole plot of the  film was in service of advertising Macdonald’s sandwiches, burgers, fries, etc.  Hence, the name of the film, intended to subconsciously remind people of the golden arches.  Here’s a terrifying clip (the creature in the bear suit is Mac, the alien):

And a photo of Mac:


And Subway:


3) But I digress: I also learned that drugs are bad on this week’s episode.  MTV randomly drug tested the house guests (because only people of the highest moral code and self-control are allowed on a quality, time-honored show like The Real World), and Brandon, who has struggled with addiction throughout the episodes, failed his.  At first he denied using cocaine but soon realized it was a losing battle.  The producers told him he had to go and his friends took him out and got him drunk to make him feel better about his addiction problem.

Brandon thinking about cocaine:






Mac and Me=evil


Thanks, America!


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