Ramen really does go straight to your ass.

On the September 2nd episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, A LOT happened: Rob cried uncontrollably, the ladies were cold and cruel to him, Kim tried to look “casual” in Queens and later told Lamar his face was full of pimples, and as usual Kris couldn’t effectively parent Kylie and Kendall and decided they could be “homeschooled” since they were failing in regular high school (the logic being…that home school isn’t real school, so they won’t fail….?).  But the most important part of the whole episode was the kitchen scene in which Kim prepared some delicious ramen noodle soup for herself.

Kim: You make millions of dollars, and it still costs only ten cents to feed you.  Bravo.

I love me so ramen too, so I shouldn’t judge.  Do you think she’s being paid to eat/discuss ramen, though?  There have been a few Tweets about ramen, and now she’s eating it on the show…I wouldn’t be surprised.  She’s like Linda Evangelista: she won’t wake up, or in this case eat ramen, for less than ten thousand dollars a day.


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