LuAnn was right: Money Can’t Buy You Class (and nor can Vassar)

So much bad behavior crammed into one hour of TV!  A few memorable quotes from the September 3rd episode of Real Housewives of New York City:

Sonja to Ramona: “I just had gas.  Chocolate gas.”

Carole, describing the sex act that occurred between Sonja and Tomas: “I don’t want to say buttf*ck.  It’s so embarrassing!”

Sonja, after Aviva screamed at her: “I’m not dealing with ego bitches!”

Aviva (“proving” she’s upper class and “gets everything she hears”): “I went to law school, and I went to Vassar, and I speak several languages!”

Aviva to the ladies after her husband arrived: “You should roll out the red carpets for my husband.  I expected a party!”

Aviva to Ramona and Sonja after she found out they didn’t want her hubby in St. Barts: “Frankly you’re both white trash.”

Aviva defending her use of “white trash”: “I am sorry for the words I used.  That’s what Rush Limbaugh said after he called a woman a whore.”

My impressions: Aviva emerges as an arrogant, self-indulgent, classist, and husband-obsessed person on this episode.  She comes from money, and it’s clear she believes that makes her better than everybody else, or she wouldn’t use terms like “white trash” and brag about her elite background.  How is it that a woman whose father tries to fuck any and every woman he sees (including his own daughter) is sensitive about nude swimming and/or drinking a lot of wine?  There’s something wrong with this picture!

A truly amazing part of “Slutty Island,” as it’s being called around the internet: there were no especially memorable quotes from Ramona on this episode.  She kept her composure (though she was goofy and drunk and naked like usual) and even apologized to Aviva. Aviva may be replacing Ramona as the resident crazy on RHONY.

Dare I say I agree with R and S that Aviva’s a buzzkill, and I’d rather lounge around with R and S than spend a second with A?  Yes, I do dare!  And yes, you DO need a Xanax, Lady A!


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