America’s Next Top Model All-Stars Winner/Loser Gives Birth to Baby Eric

Remember Angelea Preston?  The badass New Yorker with the attitude and the sometimes awkward/sometimes amazing photos?  You don’t?  Oh.  Well, you might remember her more clearly if she’d actually won Top Model All-Stars, like she was supposed to, but then she went and Facebooked everybody she knew that she’d bagged the competition, before ANTM announced the winner.  So, CW/Tyra yanked the prize away from her, re-filmed the finale, and gave it to Lisa D’amato, also of Celebrity Rehab fame.  Okay, now you remember.  Good.

Well, sweet Angelea just had a baby boy named Eric Bueno with husband Eric Brown.  I’m glad she’s happy again.  I felt bad for her, after the ANTM debacle, even though losing the crown was totally her fault.  She always seemed like a pretty cool chick, but pissing Tyra off is no bueno.


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