A Monkey and a Lady

I’m currently watching a repeat episode of “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” (I heart you, Andy!). The episode originally aired on August 26, and I guess I’m watching it in lieu of a real episode of RHONJ.  Also because I’m bored.

Caroline’s hair is a dishwater brown, which is an improvement over her usual shade of red (I didn’t say it looked good, just that it’s not as bad as before).  Her hair and outfit for the episode:

During the episode, Caroline keeps saying she never wants to watch season 4 of RHONJ again, that she hates the person she was on her fiftieth birthday, etc, but then she defends her behavior by insisting she was being honest and not fake when she called Teresa an ugly human being.

If you hate yourself for being honest and not fake, then stop being honest and start being fake.   We might like the fake you better than the real you.

She also smiled throughout her interview, prompting Andy to ask her what she was so happy about. She said she had a “nervous laugh.”  Nervous laugh, my ass!  More like evil cackle.

While I’m not a Teresa “fan”, she doesn’t enrage me as much as Caroline this season.  As many fans have pointed out, Caroline is treating Teresa like she treated Danielle a few seasons ago.  I think Bravo only renews Ms. Manzo’s contract if she promises to start a world war with cast member A or B or C.  It was Danielle before and now it’s Teresa.  Next it might be her daughter Lauren, if the current tension between them is any indication of the tenuousness of their relationship.

If you ask me, all the housewives are shaking in their boots since Bravo canned Jill, Alex, and Kelly from RHONY, and Camille and Peggy from RHOOC.  The wives are “performing” more than ever, behaving more outrageously than ever, to ensure a place on the network.  This would explain Caroline’s aggressive demeanor toward Teresa, and refusal to let anything go.

Moving on: Teresa looks pretty amazing tonight.  I usually say she looks like a monkey in a wig, so I’m paying her a high compliment.  Her turquoise, off the shoulder, strapless dress is sexy, and her pink heels with silver straps are daring and fabulous.  Her black hair is wavy and shiny and natural looking.  Go, Teresa!  Her get-up:


Aside from looking great, Teresa also reminds Andy that Caroline “knows” how the magazines work, and knows they don’t print exactly what Teresa says, even if she gives them an interview.  Sometimes, they add in their own shiz-nit.  ALL the women have bad stories in the tabloids, and all the women have given stories to the tabloids at one time or another.  DUH.

As is expected, WWHL ends with absolutely no resolution and only questions.  I can’t wait for the reunion.  What’s all this about skeletons in the Manzo’s closet?  I’m intrigued.

If the episode were a boxing match, Teresa would win this round.  She’s pretty clear and articulate in the interview, whereas Caroline flip-flops, admitting she had bad behavior but then defending it and saying she was “right.”

Caroline: 0


Caroline is the monkey, and Teresa is for once a lady.


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