Real Housewife Kim Z and Real Husband Kroy Kick Granny to the Kurb

The latest Kim Zolciak news: Granny Z is asking a court for legal visitation with her four grandchildren after Kim forbids her to see them.  We all remember the mama drama at Kim’s televised wedding to Kroy, aired on Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding:

Well, the mama drama between mother and daughter has doubled since the wedding, and Kim and Granny Z are currently not speaking.  Perhaps K wants to keep her children away from anybody who might tell them the truth: their mother is not prettier than Angelina Jolie.

First of all, the only way I’d kick my mother out of my wedding reception is if she told my husband he was scum, shit on the floor (on purpose), or started punching the guests.  Otherwise she could do pretty much anything.  It’s my wedding and it’s my mom and you can’t have one without the other.

But Kim’s always been a bitch.  Not only that, but she named her second son Kash Kade.  Kash Kade!  KASH KADE.

Kim, I am kicking you to the kurb.


2 thoughts on “Real Housewife Kim Z and Real Husband Kroy Kick Granny to the Kurb

  1. I agree with you. What is Kim thinking? We only get one mother and if we’re lucky she will be kind, involved and committed to us throughout our entire lives.If not, we should just be grateful to have a mother who is alive. Kim has two parents who care about her and by all accounts, always have. Kroy is the new, younger shiny husband, Her second husband. Well done Kim, but don’t reject your mother. Tolerate her and allow her to have access to her grandchildren, your daughters and your sons. It can’t hurt them to receive the love and attention of two adoring grandparents. Kim is making a big mistake which she will regret, perhaps not now, but down the line she will regret her decision.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Lydia! Kim’s gotten too big for her britches, no doubt. She’s surrounding herself with “yes” people who won’t question her choices. How sad to prevent your daughters from seeing their grandmother! I hope Karen wins in court, if it goes to court.

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