ANTM Contestant Victoria: “I get all the satisfaction I need from my mom.”

So, on episode 2 of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 19: The College Edition, contestant Victoria explains her relationship with her mother: “Being away from my mom is so, so hard for me.  I’ve actually never had a boyfriend before.  I’m a virgin.  I’m not getting a boyfriend.  I get all of the satisfaction I need from my mom.  I don’t think I should be stigmatized or ostracized for that.  She’s so selfless to me in a way I could never see a man being.”

Um.  Let me begin by saying I am genuinely happy to see a smart, off-beat girl like Victoria on ANTM.  She is an unconventional model/contestant in many ways: she goes to an online college, she acts like she’s forty years old even though she’s eighteen, she was home-schooled, and she talks like Dave Chappelle’s white news reporter character Chuck Taylor .  Though I poke fun, I truly do like her weird, quirky, cute personality.  Diversity is good, and makes ANTM more interesting, as we all know

Here’s a sex-ay pic of her below:

My discomfort with Victoria’s statements: she admitted on episode 1 that she was homeschooled by her mother and hasn’t had a lot of contact with her peers.  So, the primary person she has been around for all eighteen years of her existence, is also the mom who “gives her all the satisfaction” she needs.   Replace “Mom” with “Dad” in that statement and what do you have?  Something real creepy.  But even just keep “Mom” as “Mom” and it’s still creepy.

If Victoria meant to say, “I don’t want a relationship because I plan to focus on my career, and my mom is my biggest supporter,” then she should have said that.  As is, she basically said, “My mom meets all my emotional, physical, and psychological needs.”  ARGH!  I threw up in my mouth.  I love my mom too, but icko.

Walking along the shore with your mom is adorbs. It’s not so adorbs if you grow up and swear off all romantic relationships in favor of spending every free moment with Mommy Dearest.

To be clear: I am NOT suggesting the relationship is  inappropriate or incestuous, but I AM saying that Victoria should probably get some space from her mom.   If her mother is her surrogate “boyfriend” or “life partner,” there’s a hard rain’s gonna fall.  The parent relationship should be the first relationship; not the only relationship.

The episode in which Victoria confesses her “relationship” with her mother:

And for context: Dave Chappelle as Chuck Taylor:

What do you guys think?  Is what Victoria said creepy?  Am I unfairly stigmatizing her?

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