Ven, you’re a d#ck!


On last night’s episode of Project Runway (season 10, episode 7), we learned several things:

1) Melissa is a versatile designer with strong instincts, who can really perform under pressure and criticism.

2) The judges don’t like lacy/shiny little black dresses (I thought it was cute, Gunnar!)

3) Elena is happy that she can design clothes women want to wear (although she resisted up until now).

4) Ven is a dick!

5) I love Sonjia but she should have been in the bottom for her crooked, unflattering mess of a dress.

Details: Tim told Mellissa her fabric was a problem, but the shiny chocolaty brocade dress with a high collar and a strapless effect made the judges swoon, mostly BECAUSE of the fabric choice. I love that she’s a quiet, cute, young-looking girl (I know she’s actually in her thirties), but beneath the exterior she is a tough as nails, out of the box designer. I’m rooting for her to win. I’d wear all her stuff. She has edge yet her designs are wearable, sexy, and expensive looking.

I thought Gunnar’s dress was fine. I’d totally wear it. I’m SO glad they let him stay. I think they were just picking to pick; they knew the dress wasn’t that bad and that’s why they kept him around (Heidi even said she’d wear it!)

Gunnar’s look:


I hate Elena less now than in Episode 5, when she went crazy and screamed at everyone. She’s starting to grow on me, in part because on Episode 6 she treated her client so well. She’s also kind of a wacko bad ass. I also loved her dress this week. I think it would be flattering on a variety of body types.

Last, but not least: Ven. Oh, Ven! I admired you at first You knew you were talented and weren’t shy about it. But last week you called a woman fat over and over and implied she was disgusting, and this week you said men are better designers than women. You also predicted that all the women would be in the bottom and you were DEAD WRONG. Melissa and Elena’s dresses were obviously sexy and beautiful and different, but you couldn’t see that; all you saw were their boobs. You are sexist and need to confront your prejudice, because you’re going to be working with a lot of women in the fashion industry! Your dress this week was not that cute. It looked like something hanging in the Junior’s Formal section at Sear’s.

Sonjia’s dress had a peplum, which is modern I guess, but it was crooked, and the hem on the skirt was weird, and it just looked CHEAP. I don’t understand why Gunnar was in the bottom instead of her.

Re-cap: Christopher won for his “gown,” which had a filmy, baby pink t-shirt style top, and a jet black skirt. Pretty! Gunnar and Alicia were in the bottom, but NEITHER went home. Hooray!

The winning look:


Until next time!


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