I’m happy that Bill and Giuliana had a baby, but. . .

Bill and Giuliana Rancic, he of Apprentice fame, and she of E! fame, are proud new parents.  Hopefully, the new baby will distract Giuliana from going on juice fasts and getting hair extensions.  She actually does have a great personality, and I love her on Fashion Police, but her appearance is occasionally alarming.  SHE IS THIN.  LIKE HER COLLAR BONES FRIGHTEN ME.  Sorry to body snark.  She does kind of invite it though.  She had that blog where she detailed her bizarre eating and exercise practices (which honestly made her seem like a true anorexic rather than just a naturally skinny woman).

An example from her blog:


While I’m happy for the two of them, I’m also disappointed that they chose to use a gestational carrier instead of adopt.  Consider how much they have to offer a child in need: money, stability, strong family units, etc etc etc.  They could change the course of a single life forever.  As is, they created a new life in an artificial way (I am not saying the baby is artificial, but the process of impregnation was artificial in certain respects) and added another person to an over-populated world.

I am off my pedestal now.

Here’s some more info:


And even more info on exactly how they got “pregnant”:


From the Examiner article:

“A gestational carrier is different from a traditional surrogate mother. According to wiseGEEK, “traditional surrogacy, involves using artificial insemination to impregnate the surrogate mother.” That means the egg is supplied by the surrogate, but the sperm is provided by the father-to-be. “In gestational surrogacy, the couple commissioning the surrogate mother donate both eggs and sperm. The egg is fertilized in a test tube, and then implanted into the surrogate mother.”

So, the baby is “theirs,” but they used a surrogate to carry.  The miracles of science!

One benefit of not being able to get pregnant is that I can continue not eating.


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