And the Award for Reality TV Sociopath goes to . . .

Lately, there’s been some buzzing on the interwebs about Teresa Giudice’s possible personality disorder (is she a sociopath? a narcissist?).  While everybody’s busy discussing Teresa, a TRUE sociopath named Marie Roda flies under the radar.

On this season of The Real World (who the fuck watches this shit anymore?  Oh, wait.  I do!), cast member Marie has dissed, cheated on, insulted, and offended “care bear” Robb Schreiber, who really does seem like a genuinely nice guy.  Sadly, he’s a nice guy with a self-mutilation problem; throughout the last few episodes he has punched himself in the head with a phone and with his fist, and burned himself with cigarettes.  He burned himself after Marie flirted with multiple guys during a night on the town(she also tried to hook up with a really old rich guy but that didn’t pan out).  Robb’s roommates are rightfully concerned for him, but not Marie!  She wants him to keep drinking and keep fucking her, even if it’s bad for him.  She literally has no care or sympathy for him, encourages him to get in fist fights with other dudes, and even calls him a pussy.  She is an abusive woman!  Robb is an abused man!

Read the article below for more info on Robb’s issues and the roommate’s intervention:


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