Farrah’s crying because her daughter told her she was a “bad person” on the Teen Mom finale!

Just kidding.  She’s not actually crying because of that, although “that” happened.  In this photo she’s probably crying because she got into a violent domestic dispute with her mother a while back or because she’s not a real “model” or because her “boobs” aren’t “big” enough even after those “expensive” “implants.”

Farrah was eating pizza with her sister on the 8/29 finale and blithering on about her depression and apartments and Derek and boobs and stuff when Sophia interrupted her with, “Mommy, you’re a bad person.” SLAM!  Such a good, sad, horrible, hilarious moment.  Farrah played it cool and acted like nothing happened, which belies the difficult fact that she, herself, fears Sophia might be right.

In all fairness, Farrah has turned out to be slightly less inept than the other mammas on Teen Mom.  She isn’t perfect but considering how/where she started out (Farrah was a super immature pretty bitch during her first seasons), she has grown into a reasonably responsible adult woman, who clearly cares for her daughter, and I give her props for that.     It can’t be easy growing up on the tube-tube.


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